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Thomas Ardito


June 14, 2023

Is Personal Fitness Training Right for Me: 1-on-1 vs. Small Group Personal Training

Have you ever felt lost in a sea of gym-goers, wondering if you're doing the right exercises or using the proper form? Have you ever felt like you're not making progress toward your fitness goals despite your best efforts? If you're nodding your head in agreement, you're not alone. Many people struggle to achieve their fitness goals on their own, and it's easy to feel overwhelmed and discouraged.

What exactly is personal training? 

At its core, personal training entails a fitness program designed specifically for you. A personal trainer will work with you to understand your goals, fitness level, and preferences and develop a customized workout plan that meets your unique needs.

However Personal training is often misunderstood as exclusively 1-on-1 training. When in fact, the “1-on-1” part of personal training is not a requirement for effective training.

Personal training can take many different forms such as small group personal training. Each type of personal training has its own unique benefits and drawbacks, and it's important to understand what each option entails.

Why 1-on-1 may not be the best form of personal training for you.

1-on-1 personal training is a tailored service where a fitness professional focuses exclusively on one client. Though it offers a personalized approach, it's not necessarily the best route to fitness for everyone. This model comes with higher costs than group training sessions, potentially leading to less frequent workouts due to budget constraints.

Moreover, a significant portion of a trainer's time in 1-on-1 sessions is often spent on simple tasks like counting reps or at times, nothing at all, where you are paying for the attention that is not necessarily needed.

The most critical factor in achieving fitness goals is consistent practice. If budget restrictions limit the frequency of 1-on-1 sessions, the trade-off might not be worth it.

What is small group or semi-private personal training?

Small group personal training or sometimes called semi-private personal training is a model that maintains many of the most important aspects of 1-on-1 personal training, but at a more attractive price point. Sessions involve up to 3 other participants, with others that could have shown up in different times over the 60 min sessions.

In spite of the group setting, the essential qualities of personal training are upheld. Each participant still receives expert guidance from a qualified personal trainer who can provide advice on technique, exercise modifications, and progress tracking. Although the trainer's attention is shared, the level of professional guidance is maintained compared to 1-on-1 and significantly higher than in larger group fitness classes.

How to choose the right type of personal training?

Choosing the right personal training format depends on various factors including your goals, fitness level, budget, and schedule. Your personal fitness goals are crucial. If money is not so much a concerning factor for you or you are an elite athlete looking to be the top 1% of your sport, 1-on-1 may be the best bet. However, if your goals are more general, like overall fitness improvement or weight loss, small group training could be a more suitable choice.

Beginners benefit the most from the level of attention of small group training. Most of the time, with just 20% of personal training attention will lead you to 80% of the result.

Lastly, consider your schedule. Both options can be flexible, but group sessions may offer more varied timings, which can be helpful if you have a hectic or unpredictable schedule.

Best way to know what is a good fit, is to try it!

In conclusion, the choice between 1-on-1 and small group personal training boils down to your unique needs, goals, and circumstances. While 1-on-1 training offers personalized attention, small group training provides an economical way to maintain frequent sessions with professional guidance.

We encourage you to evaluate your personal goals, budget, and schedule when choosing the right personal training option for you. At Brooklyn Fitness, we believe the best way to do anything is to try it first. That’s why we offer everyone an 14-day trial for our small group personal training that includes a strategy session and personalized training program.

If you have any questions regarding our training philosophy or interested in getting started, you can schedule a no-sweat intro call with our coaches, here!

Regardless of which format of training is right for you, remember, the best option is the one that keeps you consistent, fits your budget, and helps you progress towards your fitness goals.

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