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June 8, 2023

Boost Your Running Performance: Workshop Summary

We recently held an amazing Running Performance Workshop led by Dr. Paul Nasri from The Game Plant PT.  This blog post will do it’s best to give you a lowdown of what went down, and equip you with expert tips to improve your running game.

This team covered a lot of ground during the workshop. Their aim was to emphasize the importance of strength training for runners and to provide strategies for injury prevention. 

They also offered tips on dynamic and static stretching, and how to assess and improve your flexibility, balance, and muscular endurance.

First things first, let's get to the stretches. Dr. Paul suggested different types of stretches for different muscles:

The hamstrings: he suggested hip swings before running and active HS stretch after your run.

The psoas and rectus femoris:couch stretches (with or without oscillations) can help.

To target the gastrocnemius & soleus muscles in your calves, gastroc & soleus stretching can do the trick.

Dr. Paul also emphasized the importance of balance, particularly single-leg balance. He demonstrated the 'Runner’s Pose' and suggested variations like the Reverse Lunge to Runner’s Pose and Skater Squat to Runner’s Pose to enhance stability.

Dr. Paul shed light on the importance of a strong core. He demonstrated side plank and standard plank variations that target the obliques, gluteus medius, and the rectus abdominis/transversus abdominis muscles.

Foam Rolling also had its moment in the spotlight, with a discussion on when and how to use it, and which areas to focus on for maximum benefit.

The workshop concluded with a detailed analysis of treadmill running. Our experts talked about common faulty running mechanics and provided cues to help rectify them. They also engaged in discussions on strike patterns, treadmill adjustments, target heart rate, rating of perceived exertion (RPE), cadence, and footwear.

Remember, improving your running performance isn't just about running more or faster. It's about strengthening your body, understanding your own biomechanics, and adjusting your training approach to prevent injuries. This workshop shed light on these aspects, helping us all become smarter, stronger runners.

In conclusion, all this expert advice is fantastic, but nothing beats personalized attention to really supercharge your running performance. That's where Brooklyn Fitness steps in. With our top-tier personal trainers, Brooklyn Fitness offers individually tailored programs designed to complement your running regime.

Personal trainers don't just provide workout routines, they guide you in your fitness journey, helping to prevent injuries, increase strength, and improve flexibility. Working with a personal trainer can be the perfect complement to your running schedule, providing a balanced fitness routine.

If you're looking to take your running to the next level, feel free to schedule an intro call with our coaches, Here! Happy running!

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