Brooklyn Fitness is much more than a gym, is a combination of passion, expertise, hard work and attention to detail – the secret recipe for a business model that delivers higher quality, more effective, and more affordable personal training than any other gym in Brooklyn. Unlike most of the exercise programs and gym classes on the market, we individually tailor the workouts to each client to ensure that they are going to be successful. No matter what your goal is, we can get you on the fastest path to reaching it! This is the future of training — personalized programs and expert coaching, delivered in a way everyone can afford and, more importantly, the last gym you will ever join. No matter what training membership you choose, we always begin with our assessment. This gives us a clear picture of where you are beginning and gives you an opportunity to speak with one of our qualified coaches about what your goals are and how we can help you to achieve them. For training clients, we write each one a personalized exercise program based off the results of the assessment. Every program is unique to reflect the needs of each individual. Each member then works with a coach to learn their program and the proper form for each exercise. Finally, our members are encouraged to work out on their own so they can build independence in the gym and begin to take ownership of their fitness goals over time.